The greener side 

At the dawn of the day 

He toiled the earth 

Far spread with cattle and crops.
His neighbors gazed at his fruits 

Wondering how true would this be 

For the land is greener than ours

Knowing not the secret of his 

They said his ways were astray 

To ruin his name and ways 
Not stirred nor worried

His sweat that trickled down the brow

Made the fruits sweeter than before 

Standing tall when his neighbors fall.


Among The Woods. 

A illusion of a broken man.

He found his way among the wood

Nursing a million wounds

Crawling past the moon

With the Stars his only Fortune,
In a cave he found  his shelter

To fight the biting  winter

A stone to slumber

For his days were numbered​.
As the Dawn hit the dark cave

He dreamt of way being paved

Choked with sorrow and pain

He mustered up for journey ahead
All this a figment of the brain

Held behind by prison chain

For a crime he knew not

Now a life he couldn’t​ live not.