Among The Woods. 

A illusion of a broken man.


He found his way among the wood

Nursing a million wounds

Crawling past the moon

With the Stars his only Fortune,
In a cave he found  his shelter

To fight the biting  winter

A stone to slumber

For his days were numbered​.
As the Dawn hit the dark cave

He dreamt of way being paved

Choked with sorrow and pain

He mustered up for journey ahead
All this a figment of the brain

Held behind by prison chain

For a crime he knew not

Now a life he couldn’t​ live not.

 Trust life.

Dark skies of quiet nights

Chained dreams reached their nigh

Failed attempt to travel high

Yet I trust the light so bright .
Loud words of sharp knives

Put away  a meek fight

Tied wings that once flew high

Yet I trust this life’s so bright.
Murky roads of narrow ways

Showed no mercy till end

Swam across the tidal waves

Yet I trust this path so bright.
silver lines of  dusky clouds

Beaming  glory has it flows

A spirit that is ever bold

Has I trust this vision so bright.