His dreams he  never lived 

His thoughts he  never shared 

Silence he kept as a treasure chest

Of the scars that left his heart charred 
Born to him a child of hope

To live his dreams as he thought

Gave his love and made it whole 

Louder he spoke as his chest broke 

Of the scars that began to fall 

His child  nursed  another hope 

A dream so different from his own

By now he realized to let it go 

For his childs vision was to be shown 


Among The Woods. 

He found his way among the woods 

Nursing a million wounds

Crawling past the moon 

With the Stars his only Fortune.
In a cave he found  his shelter 

To fight the biting  winter 

A stone to slumber 

For his days were numbered​
 As the Dawn hit the dark cave

He dreamt of way being paved 

 Choked with sorrow and pain 

He mustered up for journey ahead 
All this a figment of the brain 

Held behind by prison chain 

For a crime he knew not 

Now a life he couldn’t​ live not