Trust life.

Dark skies of quiet nights

Chained dreams reached their nigh 

Failed attempt to travel high 

Yet I trust the light so bright .
Loud words of sharp knives

Put away  a meek fight 

Tied wings that once flew high 

Yet I trust this life’s so bright.
Murky roads of narrow ways

Showed no mercy till end

Swam across the tidal waves

Yet I trust this path so bright.
silver lines of  dusky clouds 

Beaming  glory has it flows 

A spirit that is ever bold 

Has I trust this vision so bright.


Sweet Meadows

Sweet Meadows that we rolled up on
Got dirty when we had some fun.
Tell me why we’re not the same
After all these years of claim

We wer two in one young body
Split a sip of cold cold coffee
Stare as far as eye could see
While we wrote our history

One love is all we had
Drank shots and danced like mad
Cheers to all these years
Before our eyes filled with tears..

Sweet sound of the phone thts ringing
Picked it up to hear you humming
I found the missing piece
Feels like cool evening breezecropped-img_20161216_183927.jpg


This is the post excerpt.

Like the Autumn leaves  floated to  the ground 

Or the shiny stars in a  clear night sky 

I had a million ways to describe 

The beauty behind your  eyes 

Like the first drop of long dew rain 

Or the first cry  in a good bye 

I had a million ways to describe 

The beauty behind your voice
Like the diamond  found in mine,

Or the Pearl thats lustrous white 

I had million ways to describe 

The beauty behind your smile 

For the wisdom of this soul , found its nigh 

The beauty that you hold Like a wine 

For better or worse you are mine