Coffee Mug

coffee mug is a Song dedicated to everyone


Holding on to coffee mug

On a winter by your side

Gazing on the starry sky

Wishing for shooting star

Would you stay with me

For eternity

If there’s love in the air I’ll breathe you in

Love in the air and I breathe you in

We’ve got our own stories from past to laugh

As the night vanishes fast.

There’s no diamond on the Earth that is found,

That will match your beautiful eyes.

Would you stay with me

For eternity

If there’s love in the air I’ll breathe you in

Love in the air and I breathe you in.

The greener side 

At the dawn of the day 

He toiled the earth 

Far spread with cattle and crops.
His neighbors gazed at his fruits 

Wondering how true would this be 

For the land is greener than ours

Knowing not the secret of his 

They said his ways were astray 

To ruin his name and ways 
Not stirred nor worried

His sweat that trickled down the brow

Made the fruits sweeter than before 

Standing tall when his neighbors fall.

Beautifully broken

Under the stars of a quiet night 

She whispered all her true lies 

Holding my arm ever so tight 

We wished the time wouldn’t fly 
Swifting leaves of a frosty  tree 

Brushing on our old tale

Laughing and playing since three 

Ne’er imagine we would stale 
As crimson dawn broke the sky 

Bitterness of age murked our hearts

Trickling tears from the eye 

Of our end in a beautiful cry.


His dreams he  never lived 

His thoughts he  never shared 

Silence he kept as a treasure chest

Of the scars that left his heart charred 
Born to him a child of hope

To live his dreams as he thought

Gave his love and made it whole 

Louder he spoke as his chest broke 

Of the scars that began to fall 

His child  nursed  another hope 

A dream so different from his own

By now he realized to let it go 

For his childs vision was to be shown 

Among The Woods. 

A illusion of a broken man.

He found his way among the wood

Nursing a million wounds

Crawling past the moon

With the Stars his only Fortune,
In a cave he found  his shelter

To fight the biting  winter

A stone to slumber

For his days were numbered​.
As the Dawn hit the dark cave

He dreamt of way being paved

Choked with sorrow and pain

He mustered up for journey ahead
All this a figment of the brain

Held behind by prison chain

For a crime he knew not

Now a life he couldn’t​ live not.

Mother ! 

Who is she to sacrifice her happiness

Who is she to always stay beside us  

Thou this world call her soft and fragile 

Strong she remains with all her heart and grace 

She taught us to love and care one another  

In the dark times she shared her light 

Gave us joy and courage

On the cold nights covered us to warmth
One of a kind she will be 

Mother my pride forever be.

Of the times that passed by 

Of  the times that passed by 

I saw this world be so naive 

Hunger and thirst many knew 

While the well to do had their brew 
Of the  times that passed by 

Cloud of evil covered​ the light 

Darkness and fear many knew 

While the well to do had their view  
Of the times that passed by 

Wise men held their silence till​ they die 

Innocent and harmless many knew

Wild and vicious were the well to do
Of the times that is yet to come 

May Hope and faith fill our hearts 

For many will see the mystic hue 

And rest as the well to do